What do you want in a Pastor? Someone who is real, who cares about his community, and puts people over religion? Someone who has a relationship with God and knows the struggles you face? 

Here at Cornerstone, we are truly blessed to have that kind of pastor.  Pastor Mike Waddle has been a steadfast and godly leader of this church for over 17 years.​


If you're looking for a Pastor like this, Cornerstone is the church for you! Come and see what it's like to have a Pastor who knows your name. He is happy to meet new people and looks forward to meeting you!


We all want a place to belong. When you find a place where you can truly belong, it's a special thing. This is what we are here for; to give people a place to call home. Cornerstone is a church with an open door, full of people just like you. You belong here!


We teach the truth of the Bible and encourage people to apply it to their lives. There is no judgement here, we want people to be filled with the Spirit of Jesus Christ and that's the motivation for everything we do.

We don't know what goes through your mind when you hear the word 'church', but the only thing you need to know is this, God is love. The church is here to love God and love ALL people. Welcome home!

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